CASE STUDIES: Watching horses heal.
JACOB: A horse with navicular syndrome.
A long way to go. Long heels, terrible angles, severe contraction...and  Flat sole. Pretty much a mess.
Cliff & Hannah- two severely foundered horses. A Morgan & Arab Mare
Cliff- before
Hannah- before
Hannah is a foundered Arab. This was AFTER someone tried their best to trim her. She is severely rotated in the front right. Coffin bone ready to poke thru.
First step is to stop the coffin bone "rotation" by easing the heels to where they belong.
Cliff is a very gentle Morgan. late 20's. He had a botched stifle surgery in LR hip according to the owner. He holds it out to the side and kicks me in the chest every time he tries to lift it for me. He needs so much work. He had nails still left in his fronts. He has 17-23 deg. rotation. His hairline is actually traveling UPWards!
Much better.. but still a ways to go. Then again, at least now they look like hooves. :-)
Hannah- After. 3 weeks.
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Cliff- After 3 weeks
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Hey! There were hooves under all that.
Poor guy.. He's getting there. Toes will need to come back, in time. Heels will come down about 6 more degrees. But a long way to go.
After- 6 months later.
Lots of abscessing. He expelled a lot of damage and still is. Turned out a yeast infection had a "backdoor" INTO the hoof, beneath the frog. It's gone.. finally.
These two sets of future rock-stompin hooves belong to a pair of great  Halflingers! This is only trim #1 after removal of shoes. They've had a rough time in the past and are recovering issues including founder & white line issues. You can see this by noting the hoof rings growing out.  They have adapted quite well to their transition to barefoot trims, ridden constantly and loving it!
Acorn                                Remington
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WOW! And whoever said Halflingers don't JUMP!
Tell that to this happy young lady Chloe and her horse Remington.
"Navicular" Horse Jacob.. Caught in a lope!  That's him on the right in a theatrical dance with his new "woman" Lacey.
I truly don't believe this little ladies granite hoof is even aware there are rocks on the ground at all! Her name is Sahfire and she always gets an A+ for behavior on her trims. A tribute to her owners' Linda and Steph.
This little pony has been in a foundered state for nearly 2 years.
Serious flares, tearing etc.. It is SO unnecessary.
Constant pain and limping.
BEFORE- Founder
AFTER: Founder
A startup trim to get him comfortable. He has a long way to go but he has not limped since his first trim.
BEFORE: Founder
This is a mini-donkey with severe founder, completely immobile, with 6-7 inch hooves.
They called me after the vet said put him down, he is in too much pain.
A lot of tears were being shed. Heck, I got misty. I hate seeing this.
AFTER: Founder
The little peanut actually rolled in happiness DURING his trim. He walked off without any sign of pain, on his own.. Then trotted, followed by serious mud rolling. He has a long way to go and cosmetically he's a mess and will be for a few months.. but he is no longer in pain and on his way to a happy life.
If you look closely you'll see TWO winning smiles are captured here. This young lady and her Class A Champion Arab enjoy Dressage, Hunter/Jumper and Trail riding. Shod a year ago for founder, Audrey's horse "Baby" has never had a lame step since they were pulled!