Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents:

       What Exactly IS a Natural Trim? Sounds A Little Scary!

       How Will My Horse Benefit?

       But I've Heard It's Very Harsh And My Horse Won't Be Rideable For a Long Time?

       Why Choose Me As Your Horses Hoof Trimmer?

       Rates, Fees & Service:


What exactly IS a Natural trim? Sounds a little scary!

Well, the hoof was meant to be a comfortable function mechanism.

The hoof actually flexes, pumps blood and acts to absorb stress and concussion.

The hoof will actually show you how it wishes to grow given half a chance.

I simply encourage and help it to do so. No blood, no pain, no stress. And the trim

is correct for ALL horses, regardless of activity, environment etc.

And no, your horse does not ďneedĒ shoes. Iíve yet to meet a horse that does.


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How will MY horse benefit?

       Helps correct poor angles and puts the hoof into its natural and proper position.

       Helps your horse to move more smoothly, with an easier breakover and balance. Not to

††††† mention better traction.

       Helps to eliminate white line issues, flares & cracks.

       Correct navicular, laminitis & founder. NOT just the symptoms, but also the cause!

       Horse has no issues? Then they will simply feel better, ride better, and be a happier, more comfortable horse.


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But Iíve heard itís very harsh and my horse wont be rideable for a long time?

Actually itís quite gentle. There are some rehabilitation trim methods out there that are more invasive

to the hoof, in order to speed up recovery of a horse. This is nothing like that. Your horse will be more

comfortable and move better after the first trim. And yes, you can ride him right after trimming.

Sometimes there is a transition period if damage to your horse has been extensive. It will take time to heal. If your horse has been in shoes for 10 years,

they cannot always be fixed instantly with the first trim

But I will be working with you to make the transition as smooth and quick as possible. Either way your

horse will feel better after their barefoot & natural trims.


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Why choose ME as your horse trimmer?

       Iíve heard from so many people how their horses are abused, struck, mistreated in anger by some farriers.

††††† This is inexcusable! It is NOT the horsesí fault. The trimmer should step back and reevaluate their

††††† method. Ask themselves why is the horse so upset or afraid?

       I bond with your horse in the first few minutes. Let them know itís ok.

       I ask the horse for their feet. Never pull, force or bully. How would YOU feel?

       Throw away your chains, crops & even crossties. I donít need them. Quite frankly, neither does your horse.

       Your horse will feel comfortable & even a little playful. Some of the horses actually watch their feet with curiosity as I trim them.

       I answer any and all questions. I show and teach you as I work with your horse. I can even show you how to

††††† touch-upthe hoof between trims.


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Rates, Feeís & Service:

††† All horses are different. But most of my trims average around $40.

††† Sometimes a small travel fee applies depending on mileage.

††† If your horse has navicular syndrome, founder, laminitis, or severly damaged feet, the initial evaluation and trim will be around $50-55.

††† Shoe pulling is $10