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Just a quick note to let you know that Oaka, Yogi and Woody are all doing awesome!

Oaka has been moving great. He was kicking up his heels and cantering around the pasture

a sure sign he is feeling good. We keep them out as much as possible to keep them moving.

Overall we are really pleased with how it is going.  

Martha, Mass


Hi Mike,
Thanks so much for talking with me. I feel encouraged already that you can help Moon just by our conversation.

Vicki, Mass.


Hey Mike,

Hope all went well with Bug and Dylan in my absence. Their hooves look
awesome...THANK YOU.

Heather- Ashby, Mass.


Had to drop you a note.  Danny (navicular) is doing great.  I am doing more under

saddle. He is walking his big swinging walk again.  He's being a goof in turnout

and his feet are looking like they are changing .  I swear his right front went
more concave overnight, it looks like there is wall above the sole (kind of
like the sole sunk), it looks like he has a bit of real toe callous forming.
I am almost afraid to believe he's going to be ok.  I love my horse and I
love riding him and it looks like we are so headed in the right direction  -

Donna- Harvard, Mass


I just wanted to give you an update on Picabo... I have been riding her and lounging her

and she has been 100% better!  Thanks so much for helping her along.   She seems so

much more comfortable and I hope she keeps going in the right direction. The other day

I had friend watching me ride and she commented that Picabo's nice smooth and steady

gaits put her show QH to shame. 

Jill and Picabo- Amherst, NH


Hi Mike,
I just wanted to thank you again for coming to the barn Wednesday- Baby
seems to be doing wonderfully. I used him the same day for an easy WTC
lesson in the arena and he seemed extremely comfortable and happy-
licking/chewing, no tripping or stumbling, etc.
I also have been taking him for hand walks on the road, both pavement and
hard stone/gravel- no "ouchies" or tenderness that I can tell.
I have no doubt that with time and proper maintenance, his feet will toughen
up even more- I just thought I would update you and thank you once again!

Audrey- N.H.


Ok, I had my doubts and was a little afraid, being the first in my barn to

take the plunge to barefoot. Boy am I GLAD I did! Even my trainer said

“whatever he is doing.. keep doing it”. He is moving so well!!!

Mary- N.H.


Ollie was smooth as can be - did not mind the "frog inserts" at
all.  He was very light, even and forward - yay!!  Immie was actually also
ridden ~ 1 hour after you trimmed her as well - no problem at all.  I think
we're on the right track!!  Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!
Cheryl- Mass.


Mike has been trimming my horses. My paint was so ouchy before Mike first saw her. I was so worried, I had X-rays

done on her. After he trimmed her feet for the first time I saw a big difference in her. She is not ouchy, the chipping is no

longer happening, because her hoof is now much stronger. I had always hoped I could go without putting shoes on her.

Now I know I can, thanks to Mike and natural trimming.

Peg D. , N.H.


My horse, Poncho, a 7 year old Appy, was "diagnosed" with navicular the summer of 2004. 

After that, I shoed him, put him on expensive supplements and so on.  Didn't ride for a couple of months.

After reading information on Navicular, and a natural trim, I found Mike Boucher's name on the farrier list. 

After an email a phone call, and asking many questions, I felt very comfortable having him look at my horse. 

I had his shoes pulled, and we started the "natural" trim..... I asked him to do the trim at a slow pace, since

I was still nervous and unsure.  Besides, I dont' think drastic changes to a horse is a good thing----

He explained everything to me, and took the pace slow.  I have been riding Poncho and he has been fine! 

We have to Thank Mike for being very patient!  he's done a great job with Poncho's feet.

I look forward to riding Poncho for many years to come, and having him be happy! (and me!!)

Kim & Bill Ware

Northfield, NH


My two haflingers Acorn and Remington have been in barefoot trims for about a month

now and I am stunned by the diference in these two horses!  I always thought they were amazing

(my biased opinion!) but now they truely feel awsome under saddle.  I had hoped to notice a

difference in their way of going eventually but certainly didn't expect to feel a difference the

day of  the FIRST TRIM!!  Acorn and Rem felt so light and free in their movement, so willing and

happy and energetic....(energetic is not normally a word associated with this breed!)  Both horses

are dressage trained and usually take  at least 5 or 10 minutes of warmup to become soft and

supple and 'blow their noses' with  that happy snorting sound.....After the 2nd trim,

Acorn was blowing and coming on to the bit within the first lap of the ring!  He was willing

 and playful and springy and full of zing! 

Remington, who has a previous founder issue, is moving freer and more willingly, in fact one

of his beginning riding students said 'he seems more willing to put his feet down'.  He too, seems

happier to come onto the bit and move out with more energy.....My daughter Chloe (Rem's mom)

and I are thrilled with the changes we have seen and felt so far...our horses seem happier and

look like they are smiling even wider when we ride them!  Thank you Mike!!!

Michele Ross
cton, MA.



I just wanted to say thank you, for the outstanding work you do. The way you handle my horses

is a pleasure to watch. They are not afraid at all. Their hooves are growing out, and toughening

up day by day. The white line tearing is completely gone on my Suzie.  This is SO cool to watch happening.

Thanks so much Mike!  See you next time.

Andrea, Ma.